Our History

Alberta Mining Corporation, AMC, was founded in 1948 by Frank Ruben. Frank was a true pioneer in the development of Alberta’s primary resources – establishing North Canadian Oils in 1947 as well as building Alberta’s first pulp mill – North Western Pulp and Power Limited in Hinton, Alberta in 1951.

By 1970, with Bob Ruben, son of Frank at the head, the company’s core business had evolved from primary industries to real estate development. Commercial and Industrial Real Estate holdings became the focus of AMC during those years.

Peter Ruben, Frank’s grandson, took over the company in 1997 and over the next few years, AMC began to make a strategic shift with respect to its real estate strategy by investing in recreational resort properties along with the purchase of the Historic Nimmons property.

As in the past, AMC continues its gradual evolvement. Where we go next will be a topic for ongoing discussions.

Where will AMC go next?

It will depend on the needs of the world around us and the group within us. It will be interesting to check in over the next few years to see what changes are in store for the AMC Group of Companies.